Samsung Galaxy S5 Disable pedometer notification

On the Samsung Galaxy S5, the app S-Health is installed, in which a pedometer is integrated. The app receives data of a sensor of the smartphone that can measure the steps. The measurement accuracy is questionable and also the battery consumption of the Samsung Galaxy S5 rises by an active step counter. That's why many users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 disable the function of the pedometer in S-Health.

After the pedometer is deactivated one week, S-Health displays a notification in the status bar:

"Start Pedometer - Step Counter not used for one week"

This message appears periodically until you reactivate the pedometer in S-Health. If this S Health notification disturbes you, then you can disable it on the Samsung Galaxy S5 as follows:

Open from the home screen: Menu --> Settings --> Application Manager

Switch here to the tab "All". Now search for the app "S Health" and tap on it if you found it. Then the app information is opened. Here you will find under the button "Force Stop" the entry "Show Notifications".Remove the hook in the checkbox to deactivate the notifications. You will now no longer receive notifications of S Health  on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Thus, even the notification that the pedometer is not activated, will no longer be displayed at your smartphone.

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