Samsung Galaxy S5 Disable "Wi-Fi Power Safe Mode"

On the Samsung Galaxy S5, there is the possibility to disable the so-called Wi-Fi Power Saving Mode. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is always working with the highest wireless transmitting and receiving power.

With that setting, a poor Wi-Fi connection can be maintained, which can prevent disconnections.
To turn off Wi-Fi power saving mode, you have to navigate in the service mode. This, however, is only accessible by a special code. We reveal this code and, where it has to be entered.

To activate the service mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open from the home screen the phone app
  2. Change here on tab "keypad"
  3. Type the following code via the numeric keypad: *#0011#
  4. Now the service mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be opened
  5. Tap in the top right on "More" (three points), and then click "WiFi"
  6. Now select "WiFi Power Safe Mode"
  7. Switch this mode from "On" to "Off"

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will from now on always wireless transmit and receive data with the full power. This hopefully be eliminates disconnections to the Wi-Fi network on your smartphone.


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