Samsung Galaxy S5 does not recognize Jabra headset - solution

Anyone who has purchased the Bluetooth headset from Jabra for his Samsung Galaxy S5 may encounter the problem that the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not recognize this headset in the search for Bluetooth devices in the area.

Following workaround can solve that problem with your Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Jabra headset.

Turn your Samsung Galaxy S5 completely off and wait about three minutes. Then start the Smartphone again.

Proceeds from the home screen to menu and choose settings --> Bluetooth. Enable this connection, if not already done. Start the search for a new Bluetooth device in your area.

Now press on your Jabra Bluetooth headset the multifunction button and keep it pressed. Pressing the multifunction button usually opens the audio menu of the Jabra headsets, but at the same time when the menu was launched your Samsung Galaxy S5 finds the device via Bluetooth.

This simple tip usually works and we hope that the solution works for you as well.


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