Samsung Galaxy S5 Enable flash alert

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a so-called flash alert, which is activated when a call or SMS message is received on the smartphone. In this case, the LED light on the back of the samsung galaxy s5 will be activated . The flashing light should show the owner silently that he receives a call when the phone lies on the display.

The flash alert on the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be activated as follows:

Open from the main menu: Settings and then navigate to: Section "Personalization" --> Accessibility --> Hearing

In this submenu, you can now find in the first place the "flash notification". If you enable this option via the checkbox, the input of notifications, calls or alarms will be displayed by flashing the camera LED light. Especially in a quiet environment such as a library, etc. this function is of great advantage.

You know now how to activate the flash notification of the Samsung Galaxy S5 for incoming calls etc.

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