Samsung Galaxy S5 end call with power on/ off button

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has the possibility to hang up a call quickly and easily using the power button. This is a handy way to end a call quickly. However, it may happen that you use the power button during a call by mistake and thus end the call. Thus, the key is on the one side useful, but on the other side annoying if you grip the phone differently and the key is pressed accidentally.
We show you how you can enable or disable the termination of calls using the Power button on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

To do this, open the menu and then the settings. Tap the "Call" Button. In the next menu you see the option "Answering/ ending calls". Tap on it and you see a new submenu with the option at the end: End calls by pressing the power key”.

Set a hook in the checkbox to activate the function or remove it to disable the function.
You now know how to end calls on the Samsung Galaxy S5 using the Power On / off button and where to find the corresponding setting.


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