Samsung Galaxy S5 Gallery app crashes - Solution!

It may occur the problem on your Samsung Galaxy S5 that the gallery app, which is regular installed in Android, crashes when you try to open it. Usually a error message is displayed with the following message:"The application has stopped unexpectedly." If the Gallery app also crashes on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and the error description reads the same as above, then we would like to explain you here in this guide on how to solve the problem. Please proceed as follows on the Samsung Galaxy S5:

At first, open from the homescreen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 the menu. From there, go to Settings  and then select the entry "Application Manager". It will now open a submenu in which you now have to switch to the tab "all", by wipe through the pages. Now look in the alphabetical list to find the entry "Gallery". When you found the entry, you have to tap it once to open the app  information of the gallery app.

In this information window you can now find various fields. Tap them in this order

1. Force stop
2. Clear Cache
3. Clear Data

If you pressed the buttons  in the order described above, please restart your Samsung Galaxy S5.  If the smartphone is restarted and Android has been loaded, then you should  be able to  open the gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy S5 normally. The app should no longer close suddenly and display error messages. So you can view images as usual on your Samsung Galaxy S5.


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