Samsung Galaxy S5 hand icon in the camera app - meaning

When you take pictures with your Samsung Galaxy and the camera app, then you will see at the top right or bottom right different symbols. These are: Remaining battery power, flash mode and maybe a hand symbol.

The first three icons can be assigned relatively easy. With the hand icon in the camera app you may have some understanding problems. That is why we tell you now, for which function on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the hand symbol stands in the camera app.

The hand symbol is displayed to you when you have the "Image Stabilizer" enabled. This symbol is intended to illustrate the fact that you can create sharp images with the Samsung Galaxy S5 despite a restless hand.

Thus if you want to hide the hand icon in the camera app you have to turn off the image stabilizer. For this tap on the gear icon and then in the setting on the tile "image stabilization". Finished!

The hand icon in the camera app should now be gone and of course the image stabilization. This by the way, effects the image quality in good light conditions positive.
You know now, for what the hand icon in the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is and how to disable or hide it.

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