Samsung Galaxy S5 hand symbol with arrow in the status bar - Meaning

If you recognize on your Samsung Galaxy S5 within the status bar an icon representing a hand which is surrounded by arrows in each direction, then the gesture control "Air Browse" is activated. The Air Browse feature allows you to scroll through pages and lists by movements of your hand in the desired direction.

The integrated touch sensor is used by this function, which is placed right next to the earpiece of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This sensor detects movements, which are carried out about it. It is enough to hand over a few centimeters, without touching, performing the gesture.

With Air Browse the following options are available:

    - Email - Scroll through the text of e-mails
    - Gallery - scroll between images in the gallery
    - Internet - Switch between open tabs
    - Music - Change songs in MP3 Player
    - S Note - switch Pages
    - Music on lock screen - Change songs in MP3 Player

Each function can be enabled or disabled individually via a small checkbox.

To turn on or off the Air Browse function on your Samsung Galaxy S5 open:

Menu --> Settings --> Section "Motion" --> motions and gestures --> Air Browse

With the control bar on the top right, you can enable or disable this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S5 .

If you disable the function, the symbol with the hand and the direction arrows in your Samsung Galaxy S5 status bar will disappear.

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