Samsung Galaxy S5 How to assign a ringtone to a contact - Solved

You can assign on the Samsung Galaxy S5 a ringtone to a specific contact . So you can already know by hearing the ringtone who is trying to call you. This feature is powered by the Android operating system and we show you now where you can find the setting of it on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

To assign a ringtone to a contact on the Samsung Galaxy S5, you must open from the home screen the Contacts app. In the overview, tap a contact to whom you want to assign a specific ringtone now. Is this open, you can find a pencil-icon in the toolbar. Tap on this to edit the contact.

You can now find various fields that contain information about the contact. These can now be edited. One of these fields is called "Ringtone". This is set by default to "standard" which means that the rintone sounds, which is set up in the Android main settings. To use for this contact now a different ringtone, tap on the "Ringtone" field within the contact. It now appears a list with different ringtones.

You can use the "Add" button to assign a new ringtone such as a MP3 or you can choose a ringtone from android within the list. Once you have made your selection, press in the edit mode at the top right on "Save". Done!

You now know how to assign a ringtone to a conta on the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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