Samsung Galaxy S5 How to change my email Ringtone - Solved

Whenever you receive a new email on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then you will hear a ringtone to alert you. This ringtone can of course be adjusted. How this works on the Samsung Galaxy S5 we now want to explain to you in more detail in our manual. Openthe following sub-menu on your Samsung Galaxy S5:

Navigate from the home screen, tap on Menu and then continue on settings. Then tap on:

Sounds & Notifications -->Other sounds --> Section "Samsung Applications" --> Email

In this submenu choose the e-mail address for which you want to change the email ringtone. In the next menu tap on "notification sound". You can now select from 8 different standard ringtones for notification of emails. Have you marked your selection, the setting will take effect immediately. From now on the selected ringtone from your Samsung Galaxy S5 always sounds when you receive a new email.

You now know how to change the ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S5 which sounds, when you receive a new email message.



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