Samsung Galaxy S5 How to deactivate preview message of new sms at lock screen

If you receive a new SMS on your Samsung Galaxy S5 you will get a preview message displayed at your lock screen and in your notification bar. The preview message shows you the content of the sms message and is very useful to get a quick overview.

If you don’t want to see the preview message either on your lock screen or at the notification bar, we will show you how t deactivate this feature in Android KitKat on you Samsung Galaxy S5.

Open the menu of your Samsung Galaxy S5 and in the next step tap on settings. Scroll down to the “applications” section and tap the button with “Messages”. In the next menu scroll down again to “Notifications” and tap on it. You will now find a section called “Preview Message”.

You will find two checkboxes. One with “Lock screen” and one with “Status bar”. Delete the check marks in it to deactivate the preview message on the lock screen and on the status bar.

In the future you wont get any preview messages displayed on your lock screen or at your status bar, when a new sms message arrives at your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.



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