Samsung Galaxy S5 How to disable LTE - Help

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has the hardware LTE on board, which promises lightning-quick Internet and which is activated from the beginning. Now it may be that you wont use the LTE network with the Samsung Galaxy S5. For example the connection quality in your environment is poor with LTE or for other reasons. Whatever the case is in this paper we want to tell you how to turn off the LTE on your Samsung Galaxy S5 permanently.

For this you must navigate from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the following submenu:

Menu -> Settings -> Section "Network Connections" -> More Settings -> Mobile networks -> Network mode

You will now see a small window which appears in the center of the display and in which you can select the wireless networks your Samsung Galaxy S5 should be connected to. By default "LTE / WCDMA / GSM" is enabled. To change this setting and to disable LTE mark "WCDMA / GSM" to be connected in HSDPA and UMTS network.

LTE is now disabled on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and thus can not also be used. You now know how to disable LTE in Android on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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