Samsung Galaxy S5 How to export contacts to SIM card - Solution

If you like to have your contacts saved on the sim card in addition to the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S5, then this is possible in Android OS. Because you can easily export contacts to the SIM card with the Android contacts app. How this works exactly, we now want to explain to you in this article:

Open the Contacts app from the home screen. If you find yourself in the contact list, tap in the top right corner on the symbol with the three points. A small pop-up menu opens in which the entry "Settings" must be selected. Then tap "Contacts" and in the next submenu "Import / Export". A small window will now open on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Select the entry "Export to SIM Card". You can either select individual or all the contacts you want to export to the sim card.

Once you have made your selection, then please tap at the top right on "Done". The following message will now appear on the display: "Some information might be lost. Continue?"

This is because the Sim card has only limited storage space available. This means that only the name and the telephone number of the contact are saved to the sim card with the export. When other information like e-Mail Adress is stored in a contact on the phone, then they are not transferred to the sim card!

You now know how to export the contacts from the device memory of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the Sim card.

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