Samsung Galaxy S5 How to mute noise when connecting with charger? Solution

Whenever you connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 with the charger, then you geton the one hand an information message on the display, on the other hand you hear a tone. This sound when connecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the charger can interfere in certain circumstances, especially when you go to bed at night and your partner already sleeps. So it may be that your partner is awakened by the connection tone of your smartphone. Of course you want to avoid that. Because of this, you will definitely have the question:

"Can I disable the sound when connecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the charger?"

The answer is unfortunately: No (except you have root access)

However, one can deal with this little trick to mute theplug in tone. For this purpose, you must proceed with your Samsung Galaxy S5 as follows:

Just before you connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the charger turn your Samsung Galaxy S5 in the "Silent Mode". In silent mode, most sounds are not played. Also the tone of the Charger Connection is muted.

After you have switched to silent mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5 plug in the charger and you will hear no sound. Then do not forget to switch back to the “Sound Mode”. Finished!

We hope this little tip has helped you to mute the sound when you connect the charger with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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