Samsung Galaxy S5 How to Set MP3 song as a Ringtone in Android

On the Samsung Galaxy S5 you have the possibility of using MP3 songs as a ringtone for incoming calls. This is a very important feature because you can make your smartphone more individually. This feature comes with the Android operating system itself, which is installed on the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you don´t know how to set up a MP3 song as a ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then we would like to show you how to do.

Step 1: Copy MP3 files on to your Samsung Galaxy S5

Transmit your MP3 song that you want to use as a ringtone to the Samsung Galaxy S5. You can do this either by connecting the smartphone to your computer via USB cable or by downloading the song from the Google Play Music service.

Step 2: Setting MP3 file as a ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S 5

When your MP3 file is stored on the smartphone, you must proceed as follows in order to use it as an MP3 ringtone. Navigate from the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 to menu and then open the app "Music". If the app is open, select the MP3 song that you want to use as a ringtone. Then tap with your finger long on the song until it is highlighted. You can now see three vertically arranged dots in the upper right of the screen. Tap on it to open the menu of the music app. In this you can select "Set as".
You can now decide how you would like to use the MP3 song. The choices are:

• Phone ringtone
• Caller ringtone
• Alarm tone

Make your choice!

In addition, you also have to select whether the MP3 ringtone shall be played from the beginning or if the Auto recommendations function should be used. The auto recommendation function can extract the highlights from the sound files.
Have you set the two markers, tap on the top right “OK button” to confirm your selection and to switch the MP3 ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S5 to active. That's it! You now have set up your first MP3 ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S5. This MP3 song is now ringing for an incoming call.

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