Samsung Galaxy S5 Inaccurate position using GPS – solution

If you're using on your Samsung Galaxy S5 apps such as Google Maps, you possibly wonder why the positioning of the smartphone is so inaccurate. Normally the Position should be defined very well due to the built-in GPS receiver.

But it only works well, assuming, you have selected the correct settings in Android. Therefore we show you how to activate the correct position determination using GPS on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Thus you can display your own location more accurately.

For that open the menu and then the settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Tap here on the "Location" button in the section "Network Connections". You can now set the “mode” with which your location is determined. Tap on the listing and you see the following options:

• High accuracy
• Power-saving
• GPS Only

In order to use the GPS receiver of your Samsung Galaxy S5 select either "high accuracy" or "GPS only". Only these two methods use the GPS system of your Samsung Galaxy S5 for position determination.

Finished! You know now how to enable the setting for GPS positioning and thus receives a very accurate position determination with the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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