Samsung Galaxy S5 – Install alternative Launcher in place of Touchwiz

Perhaps you have heard the term “Launcher” in relation to your Samsung Galaxy S5 before, but can´t imagine what this term menas. If so, then we want to answer a few questions that are frequently asked in the context of a so-called Launcher:

What is a launcher?

A launcher in Android is the graphical interface through which you can, for example, display the menu and settings. The design of the home screen and of the menu can be further customized by using a launcher. Every Launcher has its own settings.

What's TouchWiz on my Samsung Galaxy S5?

TouchWiz is the official launcher from Samsung, which is installed with every Samsung phone from stock. This has a lot of options for the design of the interface to change.

Does my Samsung Galaxy S5 needs to be rooted to install a launcher?

No! A launcher can be easily installed from the Google Play Store. This is then capitalized instead of TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Is TouchWiz deleted when I test an alternative launcher?

No! TouchWiz can not be deleted. TouchWiz is only disabled when you install a new launcher. The surface can be reactivated at any time in the Settings of Android again.

What alternative Launcher are available for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

There are many different launcher, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The following launcher are well known and are in the basic version for free:

Nova Launcher
Apex Launcher

You know now what a Launcher is and how you can install one on your Samsung Galaxy S5.


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