Samsung Galaxy S5 is not recognized by Windows

If you want to connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 with your PC via USB cable to transfer files and data,it may happen under Windows 7 or Windows 8 that the smartphone is not recognized correctly. An error message might be, for example: "Device Not Recognized" or "driver could not be installed."

We present you here three ways to solve this problem with the USB connection.

1. Restart Samsung Galaxy S5

Probably the simplest way and what you should definitely try first is that you disconnect the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the USB cable and turn the smartphone off. Wait about three minutes and then turn the Galaxy S5 on again.

Is the smartphone fully powered up again, reconnect it to windows with the USB cable. Now the PC should connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 by installing the correct drivers. Samsung Kies and mass storage access should now no longer be a problem. If not, try number two:

2. Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy S5

Now open in your Samsung Galaxy S5 settings from the Home Screen --> Applications --> Settings .

Navigate now to developer options and you will find there the box "USB debugging". Activate it and confirm the information subsequent message with "OK". If the developer options aren´t unlocked so far, you can do this using the following instructions:

Enable developer mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Now connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 again via USB cable to the computer. At least now the Windows PC should recognize your phone.

3. Check USB cable

Try a different USB cable to connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the PC . Some USB cables will not work correctly, so you should make sure that your cable works properly.

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