Samsung Galaxy S5 macro focus does not work properly - Solved

If you like to take pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S5, then you have surely tried macro shots with it. Macro shots are shots in which you approach very close to the object that you want to photograph.

Especially when photographing insects or flowers macro mode is very popular.

Now it may be that your Samsung Galaxy S5 does not focus properly while trying to take macro pictures. This usually has nothing to do with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 per se, but with a setting of the camera app.

We will now show you a tip on how you can improve the focus for macro shots with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

To do this open the camera app. Then tap the gear icon at the top of the screen to bring up the settings of the app. You will now see various tiles with options. One of them is called "selective focus". The selective focus is responsible that the focus does not focus sharply during macro shooting. Therefore disable selective focus by typing on the tile. Finished!

From now on your Samsung Galaxy S5 should better focus for macro shots.

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