Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Which Sim card?

If you are considering to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, you should also make thoughts about, whether the Sim card which you are currently using in your smartphone can be used again. Because there are several Sim card sizes and formats, it is important to inform yourself about the sim card type. Otherwise the phone can´t be used immediately upon receipt. And that would be a shame.

That's why we want to inform you here in this article, which of the three possible Sim card formats (Standard, Micro, Nano format), the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini needs:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini requires a Micro Sim card.

The Micro Sim card fits in size exactly between standard and Nano Sim card. If your current smartphone does not have this sim card size, there are the following options, depending on whether your Sim is a standard or nano card:

If you have a standard SIM card:

     - Micro Sim can be separated by perforation out of the standard card
     - Contact your mobile network carrier to order a new sim card

If you have a nano Sim Card:

    - Buy adapter “Nano to Micro Sim Card”
    - Contact your mobile network carrier to order a new sim card

Have fun with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini!

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