Samsung Galaxy S5 Old charger for charging usable?

In recent years, many smartphones have come onto the market, which are all equipped with a charger. Since the normalization of the charging cable to Micro USB, it is possible to use a charging cable type for other technical devices. This has the advantage that you do not have to look for a device-specific charging cable. You can always charge your smartphone.

In this context you maybe asking the question:

"Can I use an old Micro USB charger such as from the Samsung Galaxy S2 for my new Samsung Galaxy S5?"

We want to answer this question. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the following Ouput specifications of the charging cable must be met:

     - Current: 2.0A
     - Voltage: 5.3V

The dates can be found on your charger cable or the AC adapter. It is important that the above data is not exceeded. Less is not a problem as it has no harmful effects on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Most charging cables that are in circulation and are intended for charging smartphones, corresponding to the above data. Take for example the charging cable, which was delivered with the Samsung Galaxy S2:

This charger has the following data:

    - Current: 0.7A
    - Voltage: 5.0V

This Output data is lower than those of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This means that this charging cable can be used without any problems to load the Samsung Galaxy S5. Due to the lower current intensity or the lower charging current, charging takes much longer than the original charger

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