Samsung Galaxy S5 PeakFinder does not work properly - you should calibrate the Compass

If PeakFinder is installed on your Samsung Galaxy S5 or another Samsung smartphone, then it may be that the app does not work properly. This means that the mountains do not appear where they are in reality. If this is the case, then the reason usually is not the App "PeakFinder" but a setting of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Because PeakFinder sometimes uses the magnetic compass of the Samsung Galaxy S5. If this is not properly calibrated and indicates the wrong direction, then this should definitely be recalibrated. In this guide we want to show you now, how to calibrate the compass of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and thus gets the app PeakFinder running again:

1. Open on your smartphone, the phone app and then the tab "keypad". Now enter the following code for the service menu: *#0*#

2. You will see the Service Menu with various tiles. Tap in the middle of the tile with the “sensor”.

3. Scroll now all the way down to the entry "Magnetic Sensor" which displays sensor data of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

4. A red compass needle means that the compass needs to be calibrated. Now turn the Samsung Galaxy S5 once about all three axes.

5. If the calibration of the Samsung Galaxy S5 was successful, then you see this on a blue compass needle and a number "3". The number three is the correct calibration for all three axes.

If you use the app PeakFinder on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then this should now show you all the mountains in the correct area.

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