Samsung Galaxy S5 perform security policy update

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 downloads from time to time, a so-called security policy update from the Samsung server. This update has been available since Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean and is coupled to the Samsung Service "Knox". This software checks Apps and applications based on Safety guidelines that must be downloaded at irregular intervals.

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 does not download such a security policy update, then you can search for it manually. This works very simply via the Android system settings. We show you how:

Open on your Samsung Galaxy S5: Menu -> Settings -> Security

In this submenu, you can tap 'security policy updates ". Next, you will find in the section "Manual Updates" the button: "Check for Updates". Tap on this button and your Android is now looking via your Internet connection for new security policy updates for your Samsung Galaxy S5. If a new update is found, the update will be downloaded immediately thereafter.

You now know how you can manually update the security policy updates on your Samsung Galaxy S5.


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