Samsung Galaxy S5 Place contact information on lock screen

If you are using on your Samsung Galaxy S5 a security method to unlock the lock screen, it's helpful if you can show your contact information on this. Because if you lose your phone, then nobody can notify you because of the lack of your contact information. For this reason a secure way is in addition to the emergency contacts  to place a note on the lock screen, in which a contact information is entered.

We tell you now, how you can leave a note on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 .

Open the following submenu:

Apps --> Settings --> Lock Screen --> Owner information

It will now open a text field where you can enter a text that will appear on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5. A sample text might look like this:

"Lost property - please call the following phone number: * Your-Number * Thank you =)"

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 is lost, then there is this text and the possibility that your smartphone will get back to you. It is a very good possibility that we urgently recommend everyone who has secured his lock screen by Pin, fingerprint or pattern.

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