Samsung Galaxy S5 positioning inaccurate – solution

If you notice on your Samsung Galaxy S5 that the positioning within apps is imprecise, this has mostly to do with the fact that the mode of positioning is not set correctly. For an accurate position determination the GPS receiver and also the mobile data connection or the wireless LAN must be enabled. This can be set in Android lollipop in the "Locating Mode" how to determine your location.

We show now you how to define in Android lollipop on the Samsung Galaxy S5 the method "high accuracy", which determines the location via GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular data network.
Open from the Home screen, the following submenu of Android:

Home Screen --> Menu --> Settings --> Location --> Mode

You now find yourself in a submenu where you will be given the following options for determining location:

• High accuracy
• Power saving
• GPS Only

To use precise and accurate positioning with your Samsung Galaxy S5 please select "High Accuracy".
Your Samsung Galaxy S5 should from now on be able to determine correctly and accurately your position within a range of a few meters immediately.


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