Samsung Galaxy S5 Possible to uninstall Peel Smart Remote? Solved!

On the Samsung Galaxy S5, the app "Peel Smart Remote" is installed at the factory. Since one of the last updates, it may happen that this app causes increased battery consumption, so you want to uninstall them now from your Samsung Galaxy S5 or delete it.

Unfortunately, this is not possible without root privileges and therefore we would like to introduce the following alternative to you:

Disable Peel Smart Remote App on the Samsung Galaxy S5:

  1. From the home screen, open the App menu and then the settings
  2. Search for Application Manager and open the Entry "Peel Smart Remote"
  3. Now select the button "Disable"! As a result, Peel Smart Remote is no longer active on your smartphone and therefore no longer requires battery power.

You now know that you cannot uninstall Peel Smart Remote on the Samsung Galaxy S5, but how to disable the app.


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