Samsung Galaxy S5 Print as PDF File - Android makes it possible

There is the possibility on your Samsung Galaxy S5 to print and save files such as web pages, documents, pictures, memos, etc. as a PDF file. This works similar to the PDF function on a PC. On the Samsung Galaxy S5, a printer driver is installed that stores the print job to a PDF file. To use this function, you must do the following instructions on the Samsung Galaxy S5:

As an example we save a web page as a PDF-file.

To do this, open the Android browser on the smartphone and then tap at the top right on the three-point symbol. In the opened menu scroll down a bit and then tap "Print". You can now select a printer. Tap on "Save as PDF". In the next window, you can then use the button "Save" to start printing it as a PDF file. It now opens by default the Google Drive Explorer. Tap at the bottom on "Save". Alternatively the file name of the PDF file can be changed by editing the field before.

The PDF-file will now be saved on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

The PDF file can be found at:

Apps --> My Files --> Device storage --> Downloads

You know now how to convert files via the printer driver in a PDF file on the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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