Samsung Galaxy S5 reduce blur camera filter for the front camera

When you take pictures with your Samsung Galaxy S5 and the front camera, then you will have noticed for sure that the image quality is rather poor as well. One reason is the "Beauty Face", which places a strong blur filter over the image. For Selfies it is sometimes important that the images are not overly significant blur, as this is very unnatural.

That is why we would like to briefly give you a hint on how to disable or reduce the BeautyFace function and thus the blur filter completely on the Samsung Galaxy S5.
Open on the Samsung Galaxy S5 the Camera app and then switch to the front camera. So you see right above a symbol in the form of a face and about two stars.

This is the "Beuaty Face" mode. Tap on the icon and you now get a control bar with that you can change or disable the blur filter. To disable the feature completely, pull the controller to "0". Also the regulation to "1" has already a positive effect on your Selfie images with the Samsung Galaxy S5 front camera.

That's it. This setting helps you hopefully a bit further, to shoot better pictures with the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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