Samsung Galaxy S5 screen rotation is delayed - solution

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has the function to display content always upside, so that you can easily read the informations on it. The screen rotation is thereby controlled either by the position sensor, or via the front camera. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. If the screen rotation is controlled via the front camera variant, it may happen that this works very delayed.

If you also notice on your Samsung Galaxy S5 that the screen rotation runs delayed, we want to show you how you can disable this variant and how to change to screen rotation via the position sensor.

For this purpose, please open on your Samsung Galaxy S5 the menu and then the settings. Now select the button "display", then navigate to "screen rotation". Make sure that this feature is enabled, because only then you can disable the option "Smart Rotation" below. This function is in fact responsible for the delayed screen rotation.

With Smart rotation the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 detects your face, and how you look to your smartphone. It recognizes the position of your eyes and  then aligns the screen. Since the lighting must be optimal for the detection, it may take a few secons to recognize you. Therefore, the delay in the rotation of the screen occurs.

To disable "Smart Rotation" and the delay  of the screen rotation, unmark the checkbox.. Subsequently, the rotation is from now on controlled by the position sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The rotation of the display is now of much faster, than it is the case with the intelligent rotation.

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