Samsung Galaxy S5 screenshot does not work - Simply method

If you try using the key combination to create a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S5, then it may happen that it is difficult for you to press both buttons at the same time. If you have problems taking a screenshot there is fortunately the so-called Assistant menu with which you can capture the screen without pressing a button. The screenshot is taken by simply touching one button your screen.
We show you now how to easily create on the Samsung Galaxy S5screenshots without a key combination.

To activate the Assistant menu, open the following submenu:

Home Screen --> Menu --> Settings --> Accessibility --> Dexterity and Interaction --> Assistant menu

Now enable this assistance tool via the control bar on the top right. It will now appear on the display a small gray square. If you tap on this square now, then different options will appear. One of them is the "screenshot" function. If you tap on this field within the Assistant menu, then a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is triggered. This requires no key combination.

You know now how to build on the Samsung Galaxy S5 a screenshot without having to press a key combination.

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