Samsung Galaxy S5 Send SMS with delay

There is the possibility at your Samsung Galaxy S5 to send SMS with an delay. A delay has the advantage that you can think within a certain time period whether you want to send the SMS message or not. For example: You want to add or remove text .This delay is already known from Outlook or other email programs and can be very useful.

To use the delay function on the Samsung Galaxy S5, you have to enable the feature first. For this purpose, please open the SMS message app, which is installed by factory on the Android smartphone. In this you must now tap on the top right three-point-symbol, which will open a small menu window. In this choose "Settings". Scroll in the next sub-menu a little bit down to "Delay message sending" and tap on the entry.

Now, if you activate the function using the slider in the upper right corner, the option is active. You can now specify a delay from 3 seconds to 30 seconds. Within these 30 seconds you can now see a button "View" right after sending an SMS, yet. If you tap on it, you will find yourself again in edit mode and the SMS was not sent.

You know now how to send an SMS with delay on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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