Samsung Galaxy S5 Sim card is not recognized – Tips

It can happen to you that your Samsung Galaxy S5 displays the following error message on the display:

  • "SIM Card Removed: Insert SIM and Restart Device”

Most likely you have a SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy S5 inserted. Nevertheless, the error message appears. If that's the case, then we would like to give you a few tips here, what can you do to make the error message disappear on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Perform in any case as the first thing the reboot of the smartphone by tapping once on the button "Restart" in the error message. If the restart was performed and your smartphone although does not recognize the Sim card, then turn off the Samsung Galaxy S5 again.

Now removes the protective cover and then the battery. Then remove the Sim card from the SIM card slot.

If the SIM card was removed from the slot, blow strongly in the Slot so dust particles etc. are blown out. You can now insert the SIM card, the battery and the back cover again. Starts the Samsung Galaxy S5 and now checks if your sim card is detected again.

This should now be the case. If not, then you can try to perform a Wipe Cache partition. More details here

If even that does not work, please check with a second sim card from a friend or acquaintance, whether a defect of your Sim card or the Sim card slot is present. You know now how to proceed when the Samsung Galaxy S5 display the message: "SIM Card Removed: Insert SIM and Restart Device”

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