Samsung Galaxy S5 Sim Card not detected - Netlock?

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 does not recognize the inserted sim card and displays an error message on the display, then it may be that the smartphone is locked with a so-called Netlock. This is especially the case if your Samsung Galaxy S5 was bought used.

Unfortunately, mobile operators still use the netlock in new smartphones that are sold. This Netlock allows only the network of the mobile operator, but unfortunately other carriers.

To ensure that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is really locked by Netlock, check it again with another sim card. So you can rule out that the error is not on your Sim card, but is actually caused by the Netlock.

If a Netlock is confirmed you can remove it as follows:

     - After 2 years of Netlock expires automatically
     - For a fee you can usually let the netlock remove from your provider

You have now met a possibility why your Samsung Galaxy S5 does not recognize your Sim card correctly.

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