Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Lock now with On-Body detection

On the Samsung Galaxy S5, there is now a new feature in the "Smart Lock" integrated. It is about the On-Body detection. With the On-Body detectionon the Samsung Galaxy S5 the smartphone does not have to be unlocked, as long as you take the device with you on the body or in a bag.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 be placed on a table, or instead no movement is detected, the lock screen is again secured with the selected security method.

We tell you now how to enable the On-Body detection on the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Android Lollipop:

Open from the home screen:

Menu --> Settings --> Security

Now scroll all the way down until you get shown the "Smart Lock" entry. Tap on the entry and you can choose from the following three options:

  • Trusted Devices
  • Trusted Locations
  • On-Body detection

Now tap at the entry "On-Body detection" and it will appear the following screen on your Samsung Galaxy S5:

On Body detection Android Lollipop

About the control-bar on the top right, you can now activate the On-Body detection on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Finished!You now know how to activate and use the new Smart Lock function "On-Body detection" on the Samsung Galaxy S5.



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