Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update failed – Tip

If you want to download the new Android 6.0.1 firmware to your Samsung Galaxy S5, then the following error message may appear on the display: "Software update failed – failed to connect to server".

What does this error message mean? Since the Samsung Galaxy S5 belonged to the most popular smartphones currently very many users are trying to download the new update to your device.

 Sometimes this is a bit too much for the Samsung server. The result is that you get the error "Software update failed - connection to the server is established". What you need to do now:

  1. Check if your wireless LAN connection is working properly.
  2. Try downloading the update again later, or see if the download was not resumed automatically. The error should only appear in the first days after the release of the new firmware update, after which the update should be downloaded without problems.

Have fun with Android Marshmallow on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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