Samsung Galaxy S5 sort contacts by last name

The contacts app that is installed on the Samsung Galaxy S5, automatically sorts the contacts by first name in alpgabetical order. This is impractical, especially for a business phone. Since you usually rather know the last name of your business contact than the first name.

Therefore, we now show you how the contact list can be displayed by last name in the contacts app of Android on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

For this purpose, please open the Samsung Galaxy S5  menu and then go to Settings -> Section "Applications" -> Contacts

In this submenu you will find a feature called "Sort by". Tap on it and you will see a window in which  Sort by "Last Name" should be selected. If you have set the mark, the contacts are listed alphabetically by last name in the contacts app now.

You know now how to sort the contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S5 by the last name.


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