Samsung Galaxy S5 status bar in Android Browser not visible – solution

It can happen to you on your Samsung Galaxy S5 that the status bar can no longer be see while browsing with the Android browser. This is a function of the browser, which should make it possible to display a web page in full screen. If you interfere with that and you prefer to have the status bar again in the Android browser on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then you have to do the following:

Open on your Samsung Galaxy S5 the Android browser. Tap now at the top right on the three-point icon and then in the pop-up menu, click "Settings". Here you will find already in the next sub-menu the "status bar" option. Set a check mark in the check box to display the status bar always within the Android browser. Finished!

The status bar is from now on always visible on your Samsung Galaxy S5 in the status bar.


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