Samsung Galaxy S5 symbol meaning of "circle with line"

May you see a symbol in the status bar on your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone which is similar to a no entry sign. This has nothing to do with a navigation app or anything else, but with the so-called "Blocking Mode". Is it is enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then the circle icon with the horizontal line  is displayed in the status bar.

The Blocking mode is responsible for passing only the the calls that you have authorized within pre-defined times . All other calls are blocked or forwarded to the voice mail.

If you have enabled the Blocking mode only accidentally and now want to turn it off, then you must do the following on the Samsung Galaxy S5 :

Open: Menu --> Settings --> section "Personalization" --> Blocking mode

At the top right you see now a controller that can be set to "Off". Performs this setting and the blocking mode is disabled. The icon will also disappear from the status bar.


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