Samsung Galaxy S5 Turn camera shutter sound off - Solution!

Sometimes it can be useful to take pictures and videos without having to hear the camera or shutter sound. As soon as you press the shutter button on the Samsung Galaxy S5 you will hear a sound. The purpose of this sound ist that we and our friends are informed that the photo was taken. In a quiet environment, such as a piano concert or something like this it is disadvantageous when you hear this camera sound when taking pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S5. That's why we want you to give a hint on how to disable the camera sound or shutter sound for photos taken by the Samsung Galaxy S5.

At First: Unfortunately there is no option in the camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to disable the shutter sound. Therefore you have to use the following trick.
When you press the shutter button of the camera and you want it silent, you have to switch to the vibration or silent mode. The fastes way to switch between these modes is the status bar. Pull down the bar and then tap on the speaker icon.

Have you activated one of the two modes as described above you will from now on no longer hear a camera sound when taking photos with the Samsung Galaxy S5 .


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