Samsung Galaxy S5 Turn off red LED during charging

When you connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 with the charging cable and recharge, then the notification LED lights red. This feature is nice, but can disturb you especially if you charge you Samsung Galaxy S5 at night. Therefore, we now show you where you can turn off the red LED of the Samsung Galaxy S5 during charging.

Open the menu and then go into the Settings. In these scroll down in the section "Sound and Display" and click at "display". In the next sub-menu go to "LED indicator" and you see a summary of different configurations for the LED of your Samsung Galaxy S5. One of them is: "Charging".

Delete the tick in the Checkbox to disable the red LED when charging the Samsung Galaxy S5. From now on, the red LED notification of your Samsung Galaxy S5 no longer lights up when you charge your device and the display is off.


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