Samsung Galaxy S5 Uninstall app

In this article we will explain you how to uninstall an app at the Samsung Galaxy S5, which you have previously installed from the Google Play Store or another app market. Proceed as follows:

Open on your Samsung Galaxy S5 the menu and navigate to the menu page where the app icon is displayed. Now you have two ways to uninstall the app:

1st option:

Tap on the icon and hold your finger down on it until you can move the app. It is simultaneously displayed a bar at the top of the screen in which you can see "Uninstall". Drag the app on "Uninstall" to uninstall this from your Samsung Galaxy S5.

2nd possibility:

In the menu, tap the top right three-point icon and then select within the pop-up "uninstall apps" . Next to each app a small minus symbol will appear. Tap on this to remove the app from your Samsung Galaxy S5.

3rd possibility: 

Open the Google Play Store and then drag the menu bar from the left edge of the screen into the middle of the display. Select "My Apps" and search for the app you want to uninstall from your Samsung Galaxy S5 again. Did you find this, tap the app to open the information card within the Google Play stores. You will find within this information card the button "Uninstall". Tap on the button to delete the app from your Samsung Galaxy S5.
You have now learned three ways to uninstall an app from your Samsung Galaxy S5.


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