Samsung Galaxy S5 up time since starting the phone–information

There is on your Samsung Galaxy S5 a small up time counter on which you can see how long your smartphone has been running since power on.
This information is usually a nice-to-know-feature, but you should keep in mind that after a prolonged operating time the smartphone gets slower, which means that you should turn off the Samsung Galaxy S5 from time to time.

We show you now how you can find on the Samsung Galaxy S5the up time counters.  If the up time of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is very long, you should reboot the again to improve performance.
The operation up time counter is located at:

Menu --> Settings-->Device Information--> Status

Scroll in this info-menu all the way down and you will see an entry with "up time". Now this is the time that has passed since the Samsung Galaxy S5 was turned on. This value is set back to zero when you turn the Samsung Galaxy S5 off and restart it again.

We recommend you to reboot, the Samsung Galaxy S5 once every 7 days. This ensures that all processes of Android running properly. Seven days means in operation up time counter: 168 Hours
You know now how to see on the Samsung Galaxy S5 the uptime and how it can be set back.

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