Samsung Galaxy S5 Use Burst Camera Mode - solution

If you miss on your Samsung Galaxy S5, the continuous shooting mode ( Burst Mode) when taking pictures, then we would like to explain here how you can enable it in the Settings. The burst mode is not enabled on the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the factory.

With the burst mode, you can use the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to take many pictures in rapid succession by staying with your finger on the trigger.

This function is very useful when you want to photograph a moment necessarily.

For example, a skateboarder in the jump. For this purpose, the burst mode of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is ideal. And so the shooting mode "burst shot" can enabled in the camera settings of the Samsung Galaxy S5:

Open on the smartphone the camera app and then tap the icon in the form of a gear. This will now open the settings. Several tiles on the display indicate different options. One of them is "burst shots". Tap this tile now to activate the burst mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

A message appears:

"Burst shots will be saved in the device storage"

This is necessary because the burst mode will take in quick succession up to 30 images. Since the memory card is for this process too slow to write the data, the images must be stored on the internal memory. So much for the info.

In order to use the burst mode press the shutter button and remain with the finger on it. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will now begin in quick succession to record up to 30 images. After that the images will be stored until you can proceed. Have fun with this useful camera function of your smartphone.

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