Samsung Galaxy S5 Video suddenly stops - Resolved

If you watch at the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the preinstalled video player a movie, then you might notice that the video suddenly stops and stops at irregular intervals. Only by moving the smartphone, the video resumes.

We would like to explain the reason for this and what to do about it:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has the function "Smart pause" implemented. It recognizes via the front camera if the user looks at the screen. However, this works only with the preinstalled Samsung Video Player. When you avert during a video your eyes or the camera does not recognize the face, then the video will be automatically stopped by Smart Pause.

If you don´t need this function on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then you can disable it as follows:

Navigate from the start screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 to:

Menu --> Settings --> movements and gestures --> Mute / Pause

Smart Pause can be found here now . Disables this option by removing the tick in the checkbox. Done! Then you can again watch videos without interruption on your Samsung Galaxy S5.


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