Samsung Galaxy S5 View history in Android browser

If you use the Android browser on your Samsung Galaxy S5 to surf the Internet, then you might also want to know which websites you have visited today, yesterday or the last seven days. For this purpose, the Android browser has a so-called history in which all visited web pages are saved and listed. If you would like to show the browser history within the Android browser, then you can find it as follows:

On your Samsung Galaxy S5 open the Android browser and then tap at the bottom of the screen on the right button for "Favorites". In the menu for the favorites, you can now see, right at the start, a folder icon with "History". Tap on this folder and a list of all the web pages that you have visited within the last seven days will appear.
If you tap on the small arrow next to "Today", the following  areas appear:

• Browser history Yesterday
• Browser history Last seven days

You now know how you can display the browser history with a list of all visited websites on your Samsung Galaxy S5 within the Android browser.


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