Samsung Galaxy S5 White squares instead numbers – Pin input

After you haveupgraded the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the new Android Lollipop firmware and also the new Google Play services, it may happen that you see little white squares on your Display instead of numbers. Mostly you see these white squares if you have to enter a number on the numeric keypad.

The white squares also tend to occur on your Samsung Galaxy S5 when the SIM PIN input appears on the lock screen.  

The white squares are setfrom a wrong character set. The reason for the white squares isrelated with the update to Android Lollipop or with the update to the new Google Play Services.

The error with the white squares can be solved quickly by restarting the Samsung Galaxy S5. Then they are gone for an indefinite period, but will eventually come back. In order to solve the problem completely, try these tips:

  1. Delete Google Play Services Cache
  2. Wipe Cache Partition perform
  3. Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 to factory settings

We hope that the white squares will no longer appear on your Samsung Galaxy S5 on the display while inputting numbers.


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