Samsung Galaxy S6 activate mobile data connection via status bar - Resolved

Many of you will activate the mobile Internet when using and then deactivate them. So data is not synced up continuously in the background, which saves your mobile data traffic. Therefore you can quickly activate and deactivate the mobile Internet on the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a Quick Start button in the status bar.

Should this “Mobile data” Button not show up when you pull down the status bar, then we here want to explain to you how you can add this button at the Samsung Galaxy S6:

Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Draw down the status bar from the top of the screen.

2. Tap in the top right corner on "Edit" and you will see all sorts of quick-start icons

3. Now draw the "Mobile data" from the inactive part in one of the upper two active rows. Now the "Mobile data" toggle appears in the status bar and you can use very quickly the mobile internet connection of the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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