Samsung Galaxy S6 Add GPS data to a Photo later - Solved

You can subsequently edit the photos you have taken with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and assign a GPS tag. By using GPS tags you can determine later at which location you took the picture with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Since this feature is a little bit hidden, we would like to explain here how to add a GPS tag to a photo with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Open to the Android Gallery app, which is installed on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Search for the photo, at which you like to add the GPS location. If the image is displayed, tap in the upper right corner on "More" and then on "Details". Now you will see diverse information to the captured image. Top right you will now find a button "Edit". Tap on this.

In the entry "location" you see now a plus symbol. If you tap on this, then the Google Maps map opens. Here you can select a point where the selected photo was shot.  Set the mark and select "Done".

That's it! You have just successfully added a GPS tag to a picture in the Gallery app of the Samsung Galaxy S6


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