Samsung Galaxy S6 Add new page to the Home Screen

The home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be extended to a certain number of pages. With that option more apps can be stored on the Samsung Galaxy S6 home screen.

We show you here how to add a new page to the home screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6. This works as follows:

If you find yourself on the home screen, perform the pinch to zoom out movement. This will now reduce the home screena little bit and show a small menu of options. You can now scroll through the already created home screen pages. If you have arrived at the right edge, then you'll see a page with a plus-symbol in the middle. Tap on the icon and it will be an additional page added to the home screen. Finish!

You now know how to add on the Samsung Galaxy S6 a new page to the home screen. You should now have room to accommodate more apps directly on the home screen pages.



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