Samsung Galaxy S6 alarm without snooze? Solved

If you have set the alarm clock using the standard app in your Samsung Galaxy S6 and be woken up by this in the morning, then it can happen that you are offered no option for "Snooze".

The snooze function is used of many in the morning to get up, because it makes it possible again to sleep little longer but the alarm is finally not turned off and you still get up reasonably on time.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The snooze function in the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be activated, however, you have to enter a little bit deeper to the alarm clock settings. We show you how to activate the snooze function on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

1. Open the clock app on the smartphone

2. Select now the alarm clock to where you want to activate the snooze function

3. Scroll down until you can see "Remember".

4. Use the controller to "active" "Remember" and to use snooze within the alarm clock on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

The snooze function will remind you with the alarm in a total of three times and in an interval of 5 minutes.

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